Incident Management

When ICT staff receive a report about a security incident or misuse of facilities, with evidence, they log the incident and deal  with reported incident, requests or complaints as per the

The Incident / Request reporting and escalation process :


Planned Changes and Outage process

Change Management and Planned Outage process is for review and scheduling of planned changes to the production environment where an outage is either required or there is a risk of an outage occurring. 

All Planned Changes and Outages are submitted via Service-Now for approval in the format :

Who is Affected: List client base that is affected by this outage i.e. All JCU staff and students.
Client Service Affected:  Name of the Service that is affected i.e. LearnJCU Collaborate tool.
Description: Provide a description of the problem from a user perspective.
What do I need to do? Include workaround (If applicable). 

Bulletin releases will be initiated and communicated to the entire JCU community.

Staying secure

One of the most effective ways to ‘secure the human’ is an active awareness, training and education programs that goes beyond compliance and aims to change the behaviour. Providing adequate information security awareness, training and education is a risk mitigation strategy aimed at reducing accidents and mistakes through consistent handling and management of information assets.

Stay safe online. It is everyone's responsibility to protect your own, and the University's information.