Account & Access


Staff and student  accounts are automatically generated once the employment (for staff) or enrollment (for students) has confirmed and processed. Your account provides access to various electronic systems including the Internet and email to support you in your learning and research pursuits.

Staff and Student accounts

The JCU computer account ( in the format jc123456 or ) and a password is required to access most of JCU system and services. 

You are required to reset your default password upon your first login. We encourage you to reset your password on a regular basis, keep it secure and do not share your password with anyone. You can reset your password at any time by following the password reset link.

If you don't know your login and password details , please contact ICT Help Desk for further assistance.

Policy Library

James Cook University is committed to complying with Australian and Singaporean copyright laws.

All users of the University facilities, resources, infrastructure and systems are required to comply with these laws and with University policies. In addition , Students are required to comply with various government legislation and with University policies and guidelines on copyright, as a condition of their enrollment.

The University also collects or receives personal information about users in the course of managing the operations and use of its communication facilities. Confidentiality and use is covered by the Information Security Monitoring and Audit Policy and privacy policy.


Related Policy and Procedure