Video Conference & AV System

JCU offers several video conferencing options that you can use to meet and collaborate with colleagues across campus or around the world.


Video Conferencing connects two or more locations within or outside JCU campuses to share Video, Audio and Data to collaborate effectively with colleagues, partners in a secure and reliable manner.

Services Offered




Cisco Videoconferencing unit


JCU Singapore has 6 public and 3 private video conference units including Board rooms, Conference presentation rooms and large theatres fully integrated to schedule calls.

While the conference and board room is ideal for groups of 8 to 14 persons, the large lecture theaters holds a seating capacity of 198 seats. This room is fitted with sizeable projector screens, suitable for larger groups and can be ideally used for workshops and seminars.

Usage of such room and video equipment facilities are free for JCU community. The only cost that may be associated with using a video conference is hire of the venue externally or involve third-party booking like WhyGo to look after the conference.


Cisco Jabber


The desktop videoconferencing application, Cisco Jabber, brings most of this functionality to an individual desktop or laptop. It work on most Laptops that is fitted with a microphone, camera and speakers or a headset.


Skype for Business (SFB)


Microsoft Skype for Business gives Audio, Video calls, Online meetings, Instant messaging and desktop sharing capabilities all from one, easy-to-use program. This package is installed via the O365 subscription across all Staff computers and can be installed across different devices to increase portability.


Zoom Videoconference


Zoom is a video conferencing system designed to enhance your collaboration and communication and provide Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) across JCU.

A Quick start guide for installing and scheduling the calls is available here.




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